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music team"My mother "forced" me to go to the conference last weekend in Rio Rico. I knew it was something I NEEDED, but I did not WANT to go. THANK GOD FOR MOTHERS! I have not felt this close to Jesus EVER!! I have spent so many years neglecting Jesus and abusing my body and spirit in more ways than one. If you add up all the tears I have cried in my life, they wouldn't add up to the tears I cried during the conference. At first they were tears of shame, guilt, pain, sadness. But by the end of the weekend I was crying tears of hope, joy, love, and praise. It had been ELEVEN years since my last confession...Jesus forgave ME last weekend! I forgave MYSELF last weekend! I asked Jesus back into my life last weekend! It's a new beginning for me!!! I have my life back. Even breathing feels different for me now. Thank you Gloria and Erin!!! Thank you Jesus!! I am a daughter of God, I am a child of the King!!!!"


dancing“ Once more I would like to say thank you, you helped reawaken another soul who had gone to sleep.”

“ I can’t begin to express how much this past weekend meant to the women of Most Holy Trinity Parish. I continue to hear nothing but positive comments about the whole experience, including comments such as, “This was just as spiritually uplifting as a Cursillo.” It was obvious to all that the planning, set up and execution of this weekend was well thought out and highly influenced by the Holy Spirit. Your personal commitment to prayer was noted by many and an inspiration to all.”

“I have been working through a forgiveness issue and I don’t think I could have shared it with other men. I needed other women and wives to share with. The whole experience of your sharing, the music, the small groups, the other retreat women, the prayer, the mass, the praying over each person individually, the love, the power of the Holy Spirit, all of it was so impressive that I was able to give up the last of the unforgiveness I had been struggling with. I was FREE.”

music“I was very impressed…your faith, commitment to the Lord and to do what He’s laid on your hearts, your willingness to share with others, the time commitment that each of you have made…all for other women you do not know personally, but that the Lord has placed in each of your retreats. Your generosity and love is overwhelming to me.”

“What a gift we’ve received….priceless!”

“I want to praise Him and thank Him for all the blessings received during the conference.”




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