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Most of our retreats are free, or have a nominal charge, but we welcome your gifts of love and generosity. Your support allows us to continue this work, and reach more people.

Your financial support will allow Vine of Grace to continue the work God has given the ministry. Donations to Vine of Grace Retreat Ministry are tax-deductible. Your contribution will go directly to furthering our support of the missions and charities Vine of Grace has committed to. You can help us change our community, and change the world. 

If you would like to make a donation, please contact us, or click Donate to pay on line.





Vine of Grace encourages the Biblical concept of responsible stewardship...including the avoidance of bondage to debt. We acknowledge the use of credit and debit cards as a stewardship tool. However, it is not our desire for you to incur ongoing debt to provide a gift to this ministry.

If you have questions regarding your gift, or need to discuss your donations or registration that you made through our website, please contact the office at 530.631.1408. Thank you once again for your donation.

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